A Helping Hand

Often, you give to others what you seek and need from others yourself. In this case, I believe it is true. I have repeatedly seen the children at the shelter caring for and helping each other, caring for and helping animals and caring for and helping other people, myself included. I came home after dinner […]

A Heartbreaking Day

Every day may seem quite the same, but yesterday, I got to be a part of something I have never experienced before. The day started pretty normal. Well, relatively normal. We were picked up by someone from the social department in the area, and drove off to the border between Thailand and Laos. We stopped […]

One Month Anniversary

It’s already been a month! Looking back, I have experienced a lot within just 30 days. I teach English to the children at the shelter in the afternoons now, and just recently, I started teaching English in private classes as well. This is so rewarding, such a different situation than teaching back home in Norway. […]

Blooming Awareness

I wanted to start a blog about human trafficking and children’s rights. Not that I am an expert on the area. But I want to know more about the issues and I hope that others are interested in getting more aware like myself. The last year, my interest for both human trafficking and children’s rights […]