Higher education for Thai girls

Girls from lower income families in Thailand have little to no chance of obtaining a decent future. Most of them have to leave school at the age of 13/14 to provide for their families. Many becomes pregnant at an early age, the government has even established programs for preventing youth pregnancy, but this program is for those who are still in school. In addition, Thailand is the epicenter of human trafficking for sex and labor. Youth often fall prey due to extreme poverty, lack of educational opportunities and an obligation to support their families. Youth need solid education to successfully escape this fate!


Having worked at a shelter for children and victims of human trafficking, has given me an exclusive insight in how to solve this step by step. I am also married to a Thai, and get to know both the culture and the system from the inside. I believe that the solution is to give as many girls as possible the possibility to take higher education. Starting with one at the time, I will slowly build up the program to include more and more girls. The main criterias for participating in the program is to come from a low income family and to obtain good grades in school (above average).

First project

The first project is helping a girl named Nang, who is already studying at a University in Bangkok. Her family find it hard to let her go through with her education due to economical challenges. Her family has een producing rubber from rubber trees for decades, but the price on rubber has gone from 100 baht per kilo to 40 baht per kilo during the , which basically makes it difficult for anyone to survive on this business.

Nang is studying to work in the governmental sector. She would love to be able to go back home to her family and get a job in one of the governmental offices in the region. To do so, she has to finish her degree bebfore returning home. If she has to leave university before she has graduated, she will most likely end up like her mother; wake up at 4 am to work at the rubber plantation, then make food for the rest of the family around 7 am, help buying groceries and drive kids to school, work as a cleaner for four hours, make lunch for the family, also the extended one, and then work in a shop for 5 more hours. I believe that we can change this fate. Help Nang get a better future!

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