Blooming Awareness

I wanted to start a blog about human trafficking and children’s rights. Not that I am an expert happy childrenon the area. But I want to know more about the issues and I hope that others are interested in getting more aware like myself. The last year, my interest for both human trafficking and children’s rights have bloomed, so has my awareness. There is so much going on out there, and I think it is crucial that we all get to know more about it, so we can do whatever we can to make life better for as many people as possible.

At the moment, I am volunteering in Northern Thailand. I work for a Thai organization that helps both children and grown ups that has been abused or trafficked, people without a nationality and nowhere to go, and children that has been abandoned. I will make a mix of my own experiences here and what happens in general around the world when writing this blog. Please feel free to send me links on both human trafficking and children’s rights.

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