About me

portraitHi, my name is Linn Johanne Haaland, and I’m the writer behind Blooming Awareness. I am 30-something years old. I love most things. I love butterflies, cats and elephants. And food, oh, I love food. I love making food and I love eating food. There is so many things I love. Sunrises, sunsets, being by myself, being together with family and friends, listening to music, singing, reading books, swimming, ice cream, coffee, tea, lemonade, travels, training, learning about other cultures, southern thai curries. And “Teerak”, my husband named Ann…I find pleasure in so many things in life!



I don’t seem to be able to settle down. I started my twenties working  as a teacher. I worked for 9 years, but moved constantly. Then I quit teaching in Norway for a long period. First I studied in Thailand. Then I worked in a Thai organization called DEPDC/GMS. I worked at the Mae Chan sites, which consist of two different shelters, one for families and women, and one for children. Now I’m back in Norway again. I can’t recall how many times I’ve moved, but it is at least 20 times. Once again, I’m back to being a full-time teacher, but this time with Ann by my side. That makes it a bit easier to try to focus on just being, not going for a new adventure and new experiences every other second. Or at least, that’s what I hope for.

The plan is to write about life. Everything that interests me about life, that be food, fitness, not always complementing each other, training with the best Muay Thai trainer there is (AKA “Teerak”), the world from my perspective, work, time off work, at home, travels, adventures, lost in translation and living in a multicultural marriage. Last but not least, life is also about being there for others, to pay it forward. My main cause is to help girls in Thailand to get a better future through higher education. All of this and a lot more is what I want to write about. This fits perfectly together with my every day life! So I hope you will join me on my ride through life and towards “blooming awareness”.