portraitI’m Linn, I’m 33 years old, and I love butterflies, cats and elephants. And food, oh, I love food. I love making food and I love eating food. There is so many things I love. Sunrises, sunsets, being by myself, being together with family and friends, listening to music, singing, reading books, swimming, ice cream, coffee, tea, lemonade, crispy pork with red curry…I find pleasure in so many things in life!



I don’t seem to be able to settle down. I worked as a teacher until recently. I worked for 8 years, but moved constantly. Once again, I’ve moved. But this time, I’ve changed my occupation at the same time. One year ago, I lived in Thailand for a year. Now I’m back. This time, I’ve volunteered through a Thai organization called DEPDC/GMS. I worked at the Mae Chan sites, which consist of two different shelters, one for families and women, and one for children. This part of this non-governmental organization is called MRICRH, Mekong Region Indigenous Children Rights Home. I’m on my way back to Norway again now. Back to being a full-time teacher again.

The plan is to write about children. And women. And families. And human trafficking, also known as modern slavery. Most of all because I want to know more about it myself, but also to make others more aware in the same process. This fits perfectly together with my every day life, so some of the stories will be personal, some of the stories will evolve around news in the media and some of my posts will be educating. So I hope you will join me on my ride against exploitation of humans and towards “blooming awareness”.