A new year, a new blog

It took some time, but finally I am ready to start writing again. Leaving the shelter north in Thailand was really hard, and made it difficult to continue writing. What would I write about? My main reason for starting this blog was that I felt that I did something with a lot of meaning. The children didn’t have anyone who would give them their full attention and care every day, the women who had been victims of human trafficking had no one to talk with.

And there I was, being the person that could give them these things, give them attention and care. At the same time, I felt that I didn’t do enough. And I felt lonely. Really lonely. I was in a situation where I gave a lot to others, but I didn’t have anyone to rely on myself. I started understanding that what these children and women needed was way more than I could give them. What they needed was someone who gave them love and support every day, but also someone who could provide for them economically, so they would have a chance of getting at least a decent future. So I decided to leave. My friend Sarah started going up there occasionally to help them economically and to be a person they felt they could rely on. She is still doing this amazing job without getting anything back. Well, hopefully a lot of good karma is coming her way. You can check out what she has done so far and planning to do for the shelter at her Facebook group Givingback2-Thailand.

Blooming awareness is not just about learning about what is going on out there. In my opinion, it’s about life itself. So I suddenly came to the conclusion that giving up on writing is basically a stupid move. I am going to write. I am going to write about everything that interests me, everything that I like or love and also about those things that I don’t like. Some memoirs, some tips, some info. I have decided that my entry back to the blog world will be about my project “Higher Education for Girls in Thailand”. It will be launched the 11th of January, on the Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Stay tuned!

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